An open, ventilated space for learning about security.

Who can join in?

If you are curious about cyber security, LUHack is for you. Undergraduates, postgraduates, academics and professionals are all welcome regardless of experience, we have something for everyone.

Why learn about security?

Even if you do not want to work in security, it's handy to know some basics.

The world of security requires a massively varied skill set. You don’t have to be super technical to both find value and be valued in this world.

Security isn’t about “hacking” everything in sight; it’s about ensuring that the products you build are both useful to users and can be trusted by them.
Worldwide, many companies were deemed "bullet-proof"; but then hacked?
Are you an omni problem solver looking for meaty challenges?

What does LUHack help you do?

Meet other people who are curious about security or enjoy problem solving

Expand your horizons with talks from industry professionals

Solve fun and interesting challenges both in teams and by yourself

Who leads LUHack?

LUHack is led by a team of students. Our goal is to show you things that we found exciting and think you may also like.

We are:

Max Friedrich, Isaac Richardson, Aaron Kelly, Jonathan Leeming, Tom Blue

Join in!

If you want to join in, we run sessions every Friday in InfoLab Sky Lounge 5-7PM.


To join our community, please  join our discord